Brown Pom Pom with Magnet

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Faux Fur Pom Poms

These faux fur Pom Poms are the perfect hat topper!

This faux fur pom pom is a lovely light brown colour with longer dark brown to black hairs intermingled

Light weight, approx. 18g, so they will stand up straight when attached to a fitted hat or won't pull a sloucher style hat down.  The densest part of the pom pom is about 3" in diameter, the longest hairs extend more than 6" in diameter. Individual hair strand length varies, but the longest extend about 1.5" from the fabric base of the pom pom.  The pom pom has a magnetic snap sewn to the underside of the pom pom and a magnetic snap base that you can sew to the top of your hat. This makes removing and reattaching pom poms for washing the hat or for using different colored pom poms on a single hat a snap! Please note that the snap adds about 8g (or 1/3 oz) to the weight of the pom pom

Washing instructions for this faux fur are dry-clean only, the magnetic snap allows easy removal for washing.

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