Interchangeable Cables

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Knit Pro (Knit Picks) Interchangeable Knitting Needle Cables

The smooth cable join lets stitches slide over needles with no snags.  The long threaded join along with the tightening slot makes for extra security that the cables and needle tips will stay connected.  The flexable cable has very little memory so you can start knitting immediately.

  • comes with 1 cable, 2 cable caps, 1 cable key
  • compatible with all Knit Pro needle tips.

 Available in -

Don't see the length your after, try Interchangeable Cables - Coloured.

Please note, final cable length is achieved when both needles & cables are joined together. These cables are in limited quantaties as they have been replaced by the coloured cables, if I don't have enought purple cables to fill your order coloured cables will be sent instead.



Shanti - Jun 08 2010, 12:03 pm

I bought some extra sizes of needles and cables to add to my nova kit and they are all fantastic. The combination of slickness and pointed ends on the needles makes the knitting go very fast, and the cables are nice and flexy with very little memory - I think you'd have to bite them in order to do any damage! Great products and very highly recomended!

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