Symfonie Cubics Rose Needle Tips

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Knit Pro Symfonie Cubics Rose Needle Tips

The square shape of thes needles enables knitters to get much tighter, uniform stitches and provides comfort to the hands, providing hours of pleasurable knitting with no hand fatigue.  The cuboid shape gradually gives way to perfectly tapered needle points.  Elegant laminated Symfonie Rose wood is rich in appearance, yet lightweight, strong & flexible and the polished wood surface works effortlessly with every type of yarn without slowing down knitting rhythm.  Tips fit Knit Pro interchangeable cables.

  • 4.50mm - $11.20
  • 5.00mm - $11.20
  • 5.50mm - $11.20
  • 6.00mm - $15.00
  • 6.50mm - $15.00
  • 7.00mm - $15.00
  • 8.00mm - $15.00

Needle size is measured diagonally – fits into standard needle sizer just like round needles.



Brilliant invention

Brilliant - Feb 11 2014, 01:54 am

The only downside is that you get a small possibility of needle unwinding frm cable sometimes with a tight tension, needle "gives" before rolling around instead of round needle where stitches don't grab as hard and can easily notice it when moving stitches up the needle start sticking, you have plenty of warning before needle separates as long as you know to keep eye out for separation. But tension is exquisitely even. I wold recommend highly

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