Symfonie Wood Needle Tips

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Knit Pro Symfonie Wood Needle Tips

The burnished surface of these laminated wood needles has a slight grip that helps you control slippy yarns like angora and mohair. The sharp, gradually tapered points make working stitches a breeze, slipping easily even into tight stitches.

  • 3.00mm - $9.75
  • 3.25mm - $9.75
  • 3.50mm - $9.75
  • 3.75mm - $9.75
  • 4.00mm - $9.75
  • 4.50mm - $9.75
  • 5.00mm - $9.75
  • 5.50mm - $9.75 
  • 6.00mm - $13.00
  • 6.50mm - $13.00
  • 7.00mm - $13.00
  • 8.00mm - $13.00  
  • 9.00mm - $15.45
  • 10.0mm - $15.45
  • 12.0mm - $15.45
  • 15.0mm - $22.80

Symfonie Wood Needle Tips

Debra Felmingham - Jul 03 2016, 14:25 pm

Just received them and LOVE the way they feel, my, real treat to work with! So much easier on my hands than my previous needles! l am disappointed that after only one small project the size is no longer visible on the needles.


From ow to wow

Trudy - Feb 11 2014, 01:46 am

These symfonie wood needles make knitting so much more streamlined and stress free. They are well constructed, light and it really is a breeze to manipulate stitches with them any way you need. From lace to perfectly even stockinette, knit pro is definitely the way to go, and Kirri is a fantastic person to deal with, even for a newbie like me!


Knit Pro (Knit Picks) Symfonie/Harmony Wood Needle Tips

Judy - May 31 2009, 17:23 pm

Just love these needles. I am an avid knitter, knitting everything from the simplest pattern to the very complex. I was a two needle knitter before converting to circular needles. Now I wouldn't use anything else. Love the feel of the Harmony wood tip needles. I have a tendency to be a 'tight' knitter but I find that the thread just slides along the needle. I am a fairly fast knitter (and I don't always watch my work)but I find the point on the needle is able to slip into each stitch easily.

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